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India’s Largest
Covid-19 Vaccination Awareness program for Rural India

Teeka Abhiyan

Ghar Ghar

Ghar Ghar Teeka Abhiyan is a large countrywide campaign aimed to solve 'Vaccine Hesitancy' in Rural India. Around 1 year back, in June 2021, when Vaccine Hesitancy was a big concern across Rural India, Anaxee Digital Runners Private Limited started a social initiative with our Digital Runners to help counsel rural citizens and explain the benefits of the Covid Vaccine. Since the complete CoWIN Vaccination program was online, there was a digital divide, making access to vaccination difficult for a lot of rural people.

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The focus was to reduce vaccine hesitancy and simultaneously create awareness regarding the importance of Covid-19 vaccination. Not only did our runners counsel and persuade the people into taking the vaccine, but also acted as an agent to bridge the digital divide i.e. they helped people get registered for Covid-19 vaccine on the CoWin website and get their certificates post-vaccination.

Ghar Ghar Teeka Abhiyan


No. of Villagers Counselled 


No. of Vaccinations Confirmed


No. of States & UT


No. of District Covered

Why support

Us ?

Your support makes it possible for us to create a lasting, positive change in the lives of many people in need. 
When you contribute, you will help us ensure that we’ll be here to carry out our mission for years to come.

Meet ​Savitri Devi, 68, a senior citizen from Baldhara village in Sanwer district. She was hesitant to get vaccinated, as she feared the side effects of the vaccine. She reluctantly kept saying "I only have a few days to live, please stop bothering me." Our runners continuously counseled her and ultimately convinced her to get vaccinated!
Another big problem was that the nearest vaccination camp was 4 kms away, our digital runners coordinated with the local authorities and set up a vaccination camp in the village itself, thus getting a number of people vaccinated.


Story of

Savitri Devi



did ?

Bridged trust deficit about COVID-19 vaccination


1 : 1 Counselling


Worked in tandem with local authorities to organize camps


Registered each family member on CoWin website


Raised awareness in low smartphone penetration areas


Door to door visits helped in exact dose requirements for camp


Clarified doubts / removing misinformation


Digitally assisted in getting certificates for both doses

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Steps followed by

Our Runners

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