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Project Swaraksha


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Project Swarksha is a social initiative by Anaxee which started on 22 May 2021.

The meaning of the name Swaraksha—self-protection, or safeguarding oneself against the growing problems of modern society, is self-explanatory. People who live in the same neighborhood are encouraged to participate in development so they can understand how it is happening and why it is required.

The project aims to bring about a change in the post-pandemic mindset with a major concentration on both upcoming and ongoing significant socioeconomic difficulties that Rural India is currently confronting. To fulfill this aim, it employs technology extensively and follows an evidence-driven and outcome-focused approach.



Anaxee Digital Runners is an outreach and data collection agency based in Indore that operates in 26 states. Anaxee is building India's largest last-mile network of 40,000+ digital runners who work on the ground to collect digital data and help corporations reach the remotest parts of India. 


Our Commercial solutions include Market Mapping, Order taking, Customer Onboarding, Large Scale Surveys, Data Collection, Affiliate Sales, and Rural Marketing. Whereas we help social organizations in Impact Assessment, Mobilization, and Implementation of projects in the field.

We are focusing on the social sector and planning interventions in health, education, livelihood, environment & sustainability space. This will have both direct & indirect impacts on society. In India, in CSR and social sector, the use of technology is very limited at the last mile, we are able to disrupt this market by leveraging technology and bringing visibility to work done in the field. Peter Drucker said, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure”, our platform is able to monitor and measure impact in real-time.

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Helping India fight the Covid emergency

Crypto Relief is the result of the global crypto community mobilizing to help India combat the COVID19 crisis, and to help it prepare for future outbreaks. It is a community of founders & innovators, people who care for the people of the country.
The motive of Project Swaraksha- Ghar Ghar Teeka Abhiyan was to ensure rural citizens of India were covid vaccinated, and so it was a perfect platform for CryptoRelief to achieve their target of lakhs of vaccinations!
CryptoRelief was one of the first and among the significant donors for Project Swaraksha- Ghar Ghar Teeka Abhiyan. 

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