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What did the underprivileged kids do during the lockdown? What happened to their education? How many of them dropped out? 

We are finding real answers to these questions and making sure that every child attends school. Through our education-based project- Phir School Chale Hum we want to identify gaps in their studies because of the last 2 years of the pandemic and monitor their progress.

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Bringing children back to school, making sure they don’t skip the stepping stone of life: Education 




A Child without education is like a bird without wings!

The main motive of the project is to ensure that every rural child has access to education and under no circumstances he/she drops out of school and the system. We aim to take India by wave, but one district at a time and plan to do this by creating awareness on the need for education by employing a one-on-one and focused approach as well as creating community wide awareness.

Phir School Chale Hum



No. of School Visits


Drop-out children admitted toschool

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Meet Sumer, 14, admitted to Class 6th recently. Sumer lives in a small town in Madhya Pradesh. His father is a daily wage earner working in a restaurant. During the pandemic, Sumer's education was paused. He started doing menial tasks to help his family financially and did not return to school when the school reopened. 
Our runner in that area was identifying students who have dropped out of school and the problems they were facing. That is when he met Sumer working on a tea-stall. He spoke to Sumer, his father and the school authorities. 


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Schools Closed

Schools Open



Secure future opportunities for all children

Development demands the active engagement of various stakeholders in society, so join us today!




Discover & Survey

Identify Dropout & Reasons


Visit School

Verify, Measure & Monitor

Contribute to ensure a


goes back to school

One of the most innocent smiles is that of a child! Let education be one of the reasons a child smiles today


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